You'll taste the difference.

Grown on carefully-tended land, hand-harvested, thrashed and packaged in small batches, our popcorn is one way we work in partnership with nature.

Unique, flavorful depth in every kernel.

Perfectly curated from heirloom seeds, each kernel invites you to embark on a food journey, whether you're popping them in a popcorn popper or a seasoned cast-iron skillet, these kernels will be savored snacks.

Naturally dried and harvested by hand.

Our non-GMO, rich popcorn was grown from heirloom seeds, hand-harvested and thrashed, and dried naturally by the sun before being personally packaged for you to enjoy.

Create something delicious and share!

Whether you choose the unique popcorn on the cob or our staple kernels, our popcorn is endlessly customizable and always fresh. However you choose to dress it up is up to you.

Create something delicious and tag us at @petersenpopcorn.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Created with small businesses in mind.

If you own a small shop and are interested in carrying our popcorn, reach out. Your patrons will love this gourmet popcorn and come back time and time again.